PI Laws Attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is understandable to want to know what laws and procedures will have an effect on your case if you’re planning on filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. Here is a guide to Minnesota’s Personal Injury Laws.

Statute Of Limitations

Minnesota has numerous limitation periods that can apply to your lawsuit. These limits for filing a lawsuit can vary based upon the type of injury you suffered, who the Defendant is or a host of other reasons.  You should immediately contact an experienced attorney who can provide you with the time you have to file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer.  If you miss this deadline, your claim could be forever barred and you may not be able to bring a lawsuit.  

No-Fault Auto Insurance

Dog Bites and Attacks

In Minnesota, a dog owner is responsible for the behavior of their dogs, whether or not the dog has exhibited dangerous behavior in the past. Some states have a “one-bite” rule, which gives the owner some protection if their dog has not been aggressive before.

Claims Against the Government

When filing a claim against a government employee or agency, there is certain set of procedures that must be followed. 

A little knowledge can go a long way when navigating the legal system for your injury claim in Minnesota.