Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota

At Beedem Law, we recognize how overwhelming a workplace injury can be. We are dedicated to assisting you during this challenging time. We will help you determine all legal opportunities and pursue the payment that you deserve. Contact a Minneapolis workers’ compensation lawyer from Beedem Law today.

Questions About Workers' Compensation Benefits

Why Do I Need a Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ Compensation insurers are good at two things: collecting premiums and denying claims as soon as possible.

The workers’ compensation system in Minnesota is very good. The law allows an injured worker the opportunity to make a claim for:

  • WAGE LOSS if you cannot work
  • Wage loss if you can only work PART TIME or for lesser pay
  • OUT-OF-POCKET expenses
  • Job placement
  • Retraining
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Many, many other benefits

However, It does not guarantee that the insurer will pay those benefits, or even tell you what they are. 

Need to make a claim?

Let us help

If your workers’ compensation carrier is paying all your bills, paying your wage loss, and paying your out-of-pocket expenses, maybe you don’t need an attorney.

But, if they are not, or you do not know, the best way to protect yourself and your rights is to get help.

And, if they have set you up for an examination with their doctor – they call it an “Independent Medical Exam” – you can bet they are about to cut off some of your benefits!

I tell potential clients who have been scheduled for an IME, you might not hire me, but you better hire someone!

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Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whether your work-related accident has led to an injury, occupational illness, temporary disability, or permanent disability, we at Beedem Law are here to help. As your legal representation, we will handle the workers' compensation claims process and fight to maximize your settlement. Likewise, if you've already filed for workers' compensation and had your claim denied, we can assist you with the appeals process. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.