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Hurt On The Job? How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Firm News

Individuals that are or have become disabled due to a variety of factors can face additional obstacles when trying to attain the benefits that are due to them as a result of their disability. Compensation for disabled individuals can include Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Insurance (SSI). These benefits are meant to supplement the incomes of people whose lives have been altered by medical factors and whose lives can hinge upon receiving these important financial benefits.

While it might be tempting to file a disability claim on your own, or you might be easily confused by the vast array of disability attorneys that advertise their specialties, it’s very important that you find a legal professional that you can not only trust, but that has experience in the field.

Some of the top reasons to hire a disability attorney from your area include:

  1. The facts don’t lie: Disability applicants who hire a disability attorney to handle their claims are much more likely to be approved on the first pass for their benefits than applicants that apply on their own.
  2. Disability attorneys specialize in the law of disability, as well as a deep and thorough understanding of the medical evidence that is needed to help you win your benefits with as little hassle as possible. Medical evidence is absolutely the most critical factor to having your claim approved or denied.
  3. When disability attorneys at Beedem Law represent a client, they immediately gain an intimate knowledge of each clients personal needs and circumstances. A careful and detailed review of your medical records is completed and additional suggested medical testing or records is noted. These records are then organized appropriately and in a manner that when submitted make the job of the administrative law judges (ALJ’s), they are easily reviewed and require less work on their part.

Each personal injury attorney at Beedem Law offers unparalleled communication skills with medical providers, who are vital to assuring that you attain your benefits. Many physicians are overwhelmed with the paperwork required for healthcare today, and filling out Disability Claims only adds to an often overloaded day. Our personal injury attorneys can communicate professionally and proficiently with medical professionals, taking the onus of gathering and verifying the massive paperwork needed off of both you and the medical provider.

Local personal injury attorneys often have relationships with the ALJ’s within their community, and understand how the ALJ reviewing your case like to proceed. The personal injury attorneys at Beedem Law also recognize that there are some ALJ’s that have biased views about some medical conditions and can prepare your application to best address them, therefore placing you in the best position to win your benefits.

Should your application be denied upon your first submission, the personal injury attorneys at Beedem Law have vast experience with the appeal process. If you’ve filed a claim that’s been denied, the professionals at Beedem Law can greatly assist you in filing an appeal and being successful with it.