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When To Appeal An LTD Claim

Don’t Let A Denied Claim Keep You From The LTD Benefits You Deserve

Do you suffer from a long-term disability? Has your claim recently been denied by your insurance company? If so, you may still be able to get the benefits you need and deserve. At Beedem Law, we have a team of lawyers dedicated to long-term disability claims that can look over the details of your case and identify the reason why your claim was denied. Our team will then work with you to build a successful appeal so that you can get your benefits back. We are one of the premier disability law firms in Minnesota, and we serve clients statewide.

We Can Help You Strengthen Your Claim On Appeal

Filing an appeal on your denied long-term disability claim offers our attorneys the opportunity to correct issues with your policy that gave cause for your claim to be denied in the first place. Filing an appeal allows you to gather and provide evidence relevant to the outcome of your case. Such evidence includes:

  • Diagnostic tests. Getting an MRI, blood test or another form of a diagnostic test that can verify your claim and prove your medical condition can go a long way in winning your appeal. Claims are most often denied when the insurance company does not believe there is enough medical evidence to support them. These tests are performed by licensed doctors and physicians and serve as undeniable proof in a court of law.
  • Include missing or additional evidence. Sometimes crucial evidence pertaining to the outcome of a case is overlooked or even missing. If anything like this happened during the investigation of the initial claim, you can include it in your appeal.
  • Written, professional opinions. Your doctors have full access to your medical history. They understand your ability to work and the status of your current and past treatments. Having official, written documentation of your doctors’ opinions regarding the severity of your condition can make or break your ability to win the appeal.

Strict legal guidelines exist for filing long-term disability appeals. Adequately preparing for such a case takes time. Our attorneys at Beedem Law are here to help. We are knowledgeable and experienced in long-term disability claims and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your rights are protected.

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When your long-term disability benefits get denied or terminated, you need an experienced legal team to review the cause for denial. From there, your team can begin the appeals process or take other necessary steps to fight to have your disability benefits reinstated. At Beedem Law, we have decades of experience resolving long-term disability concerns and related legal matters. To schedule a free consultation, call our Minneapolis office at 612-305-1300 or send us an email.