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Tom – We wanted to let you know we appreciate the time you took for P’s case. It wasn’t a big gain for you but you still pursued and got us a settlement we would have never been able to accomplish on our own. THANK YOU! And your team.

– P. & G. O.

Thank you…for your professionalism, expertise, kind demeanor, commitment and determination in fighting for the best possible outcome for me.

– S.G.

Dear Alesia & Thomas,

Even though negotiations are still ongoing, it is never too early to say once more how much we appreciate your efforts, understanding, and compassion when it comes to handling my case.

When we count the number of attorneys that we dealt with over the last four years, only three come to mind who’s names we will remember in the years to come…(congratulations!) You two are on the list!)

The law is much more than citing legal passages; it is an art form along with the ability to convey passion so that the client is truly aware, no matter the outcome of the proceedings, that they had advocate(s) in their corner.

– S. & P. O.

Alesia Strand was referred to me by another disability attorney who assured me that she would “take good care of me.” He was absolutely right. Alesia was more than fair in dealing with settlement, which was my choice for resolving my situation. She was prompt, friendly, realistic, and efficient in all our dealings. I completely recommend her services.

– L.R.

After getting ill in 2012 and becoming unable to work our lives fell apart. Without the assistance provided for me by Alesia and Beedem Law Office my family would probably be homeless right now. Without them, we would not be moving into our new apartment so that my daughter can have a chance at a better life. We’re so happy for our successful outcome. Finally my family can begin to put the pieces of our lives back together again.

– S.B.

Tom Beedem and Alesia Strand of the BEEDEM LAW OFFICE were very welcoming and helpful in our LTD situation. They thoroughly listened to our situation and understood the stress and anxiety we were experiencing. Their expertise in dealing with insurance companies was very valuable to us. Tom and Alesia knew what was going to happen throughout the process and they guided us to the most favorable outcome we could have expected. Our situation is on-going and the Beedem Law Office continues to represent and guide us.

– Mr. & Mrs. F.

We were always confident in the process that everything that could be done was being done to further our case. We got the best solution for our family. Communication and service were timely & efficient; and somehow we also felt Tom & Alesia really cared about our cause.

– Mr. & Mrs. D.

Thank you for your time and help again Alesia. I really appreciate you and your efforts to help me through all of this, it has been life changing and I really needed your help!

– L.S.

I am beside myself. I have to tell you. It wasn’t too long ago this was going nowhere. There was an attorney that had no clue and gave us zero confidence. Doctors just shook their heads and put their arms up. In the meantime, I am sicker than a dog much of the time and wondered how we wouldn’t end up in the streets. I had no idea. Then there was hope with [Dr. P]. The day we met you and Tom was the day that gave [my wife] and I complete peace and confidence. Thank you for that. (So confident I just wanted to rest in the end and not help :o)). Your work is impressive. I think your [appeal] letter is dead-on accurate and honest. Every point is presented exceptionally well with the perfect amount of emphasis. I am confident about the outcome, but no matter what you have my testimony for your future business.

– David D.

I can highly recommend the team of Alesia Strand and Tom Beedem. Not only are they highly skilled and competent lawyers they are kind and compassionate people. They thoroughly explained the legal process to me and laid out all my options. While they advised me what they believed was in my best interest they ensured that I understood the decisions were mine. They were sympathetic to my situation, patient with my many questions and understood my frustrations with the legal system. I was always treated as a person and never just another client. The combination of skill, knowledge and compassion make them a winning team.

– Chris W.

After having my son last September I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. They didn’t know if I was going to make it out of the hospital, it was that bad. A few months after coming home my long term disability was cancelled because they said my heart was getting better so I could work. They didn’t take into account the side effects from my heart medications, and the fact I had almost died and my whole body has to get better from that, which takes time. Luckily for me, [Alesia] at Beedem Law Office was there to help me file my appeal. She gave me all the right forms to have my doctor fill out, and she helped me every step of the way and was extremely personable and nice about it. She got my long term disability back and that helped me to get my bills paid that we couldn’t take care of on just my husband’s income. Thank you so much [Alesia] and Beedem Law for saving me and my family and helping us to live our lives again, you have no idea how happy you made us! And happiness has been hard to come by this last year, so it’s MUCH appreciated!

– D.M.

My name is [Steve H.]. The Beedem Law Office handled my long term disability claim. Their expertise, commitment, and persistence provided me with a fair and equitable resolution to my claim. In my opinion, the representation provide by the Beedem Law Office is second to none. Beedem Law Office in addition to handling Long Term Disability claims, they also are experienced in handling Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims. I recommend without reservation Beedem Law Office to anyone that has need of legal representation.

– Steve H.

After contacting 3-4 law firms regarding a problem with denial of disability, we happened upon Beedem Law. From the first conversation with Tom, we knew we had the right firm. He assured us from the start that he would be able to help us, and he did. He and Alesia made the process seem easy. (Unlike the hassle we had been going through with our Disability Insurance Company that had continued to deny our appeals). All of our questions were answered personally, and promptly with kindness and compassion. The result was a settlement that we would NEVER have received on our own. We cannot give a higher recommendation to Tom and Alesia. They are simply the BEST!

– Jeanne & David H.

As an attorney who has worked on cases against Tom and Alesia, when I needed to file for disability myself, I called them for help.

– N.B.

My experience with Beedem Law has been successful from beginning to conclusion. Tom and Alesia have been accessible and always returned my communication with them promptly. They always made me feel that I mattered and that my needs and concerns were important to them. They were always patient while explaining anything I didn’t understand. I came to trust that they were working on my behalf and that they cared. The office staff was always polite and helpful. I always felt that my case was important to them regardless of its size. I will refer to Beedem Law because I found them trustworthy and honest. I was fully informed and felt up to date on the status of my case and its progression.

– Patty T.

…please accept my sincere thanks for your professional and compassionate services regarding this appeal. I will be sure to recommend you to others as the opportunity presents itself.

– S.G.

After an accident, my world was thrown upside down. I’ve been working on regaining what I can from my injuries and with the additional stress from the insurance company it’s been challenging.  I am happy to have had Alesia in my corner! I would definitely recommend Alesia to any of my family and friends.

– C.W.

I appreciate all you’ve done to help in this lawsuit. You are wonderful people and I’ll be sure to recommend you to any who have a WC/LTD issue. Thanks again and God bless you.

– Mr. & Mrs. S.

I would recommend Beedem Law Office to anyone who needs a Long Term Disability Attorney. They did a wonderful job on my case. If you have any questions they are willing to answer them in your language so you understand what they are saying. They work hard to get the best for their client, it’s not about them, how much they will make. They are very kind and friendly people to deal with, I was very Happy with the results they got for me. No regrets.

– Brenda H.

I am extremely happy with the job that Beedem Law did for me. I was kept informed and matters were handled very quickly and efficiently. I appreciated being treated with kindness and respect. In addition, I feel that, had I not had Beedem Law’s help, my case would have dragged on for years.

– C.W.

We greatly appreciate your help and expertise in this matter.

– Mr. and Mrs. P.

I am still in shock after your call this morning about Cigna’s reversal of their decision.  [My husband] and I are so very grateful to you and your team for all your support and encouragement.  We could never have done this without your experience and guidance. Please send our thanks again to everyone. My levels of worry are already reducing, and my guilt about burdening my husband has been relieved a bit as well.

– A.L.

I appreciate your representation and will be sure to contact you again in the future if anything else like this comes up, I was very satisfied with your help and service.

– D.A.

After an accident, my world was thrown upside down. I’ve been working on regaining what I can from my injuries and with the additional stress from the insurance company it’s been challenging.  I am happy to have had Alesia in my corner! I would definitely recommend Alesia to any of my family and friends.

– C.W.

Thanks so much. You and Tom are absolutely Awesome!!!!!

– R.H.

I had worked in the insurance industry for 20 years when a chronic illness made it so I could no longer work.  I was terrified when my disability carrier stopped my benefits and denied my long term disability benefits. I had spoken with a couple of different attorneys, but when I spoke with Alesia she explained the appeal process and provided me a plan of action in order to keep my claim moving. The communication between myself and Beedem Law Firm was incredible. Calls and e-mails were returned timely and no matter who I spoke to, either Tom or Alesia, they knew who I was, what my claim was about and showed complete empathy towards myself and my family.

I would highly recommend Beedem Law Firm. I never felt like a claim or just another file. It was extremely hard coping with my illness and the fact that I was and continue to be disabled. Life is hard enough going through this process but Beedem Law helped ease the stress of dealing with the insurance company on top of everything else.

– S.M.

Thank you so much for your persistence in pursuing the appeal with Prudential!  Without you and the team at Beedem Law I would have never received anything!

– E.F.

I really appreciate the confidence and relief I felt the moment you took my case.  Throughout this daunting process, the entire Beedem team’s professionalism and compassion instilled the clarity and hope I was seeking.  So grateful for your personal commitment and ultimately an award that brings security and peace of mind.  Thank you and God bless!

– J.E.

Dear Alesia and Thomas, Thank[s] every so much for taking my case on and for Winning.

– C.F.

To Prospective Clients of Beedem Law:

I would invite you to enlist the professional services of Tom Beedem and Alesia Strand. I have worked with them to obtain a successful decision by a Federal Court Judge against my individual disability insurance company, Unum. I have found these attorneys to be astute in their practice and experience. They communicated and educated me through the emotional legal process of obtaining my disability payments. At each step of the process, they kept me apprised of the possible outcome. As this process can be stressful, they were reassuring. I am very happy I had their professional knowledge and judgment working on my behalf. I highly recommend them to you for your disability issues.

– Dr. M.B.C.

When we made the first frantic and stressed phone call with a list of question, Alesia helped us sort through all of the details in a professional, realistic and encouraging way. She laid out all of the possibilities in a way that helped us know what to expect. We are grateful to her and Tom for their answering our many questions throughout the process and of course the favorable outcome in the end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of our family and friends to Beedem Law if they found themselves in the unfortunate situation to need them.

– J. & H. V.

Dear Tom and Alesia, I received the payment, today, for settlement on my claim. I wish to thank you for representing me, always ready to explain and listen. It is certainly quite a process, and I appreciate your spirit of honesty in adhering to what is right and just. With sincere gratitude.

– M.S.