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Boat Accident Attorneys In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Are you in need of a Minneapolis boat accident lawyer? Beedem Law’s attorneys have considerable experience representing personal injury victims in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s beautiful lakes and waterways have become a national attraction for boating and water recreation enthusiasts. But Minnesota’s increasing popularity as a water leisure destination also comes with an increase in the boating accidents that happen every year. These accidents result in millions of dollars in losses in property damage, let alone the costs incurred related to emergency response services, medical expenses, wage losses and ongoing treatment.

In far too many cases, the accidents are caused by irresponsible use of substances. The damage wrought by the careless ingestion of alcohol and drugs is tragic and avoidable. Our legal team brings the same commitment to justice that we display in prosecuting drunk motor vehicle accidents to our work with boating accidents.

In Addition To Irresponsible Substance Use, Other Common Causal Factors In Boat Accidents Include:

  1. Inexperienced operators
  2. Excessive speed
  3. Failure to stay attentive for other objects, people or boats

Of course, some accidents are the result of uncontrollable circumstances: weather, dangerous waters and overcrowded waterways. But a responsible boater will take care to make absolutely sure that their vessel is properly prepared and in acceptable working condition, and they will be informed and sober enough to know what course of action to take if things don’t go as planned. When that doesn’t happen, the accident is the result of avoidable negligence.

Why Choose Us?

The devastating consequences of these accidents can be costly, painful, life-long or, even worse, life-ending. Our experienced Minnesota personal injury lawyers are passionately invested in every case we take on. We understand the complex matrix of water vehicle and recreation regulations and can help you secure the just outcome your case deserves.

We work hand in hand with experienced accident investigators and other experts to help you build a case that reflects the strength of your claim, and will work to help you secure the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.