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Premises Liability Attorneys In Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Minnesota, residential and commercial property owners are held responsible for the safety of their visitors. For the sake of ensuring safety, they must take active steps to rid the building of potential safety hazards. If an injury occurs due to their failure to take safety measures, a liability case may be made.

Keep in mind that liability only applies to individuals who have been invited onto one’s property, not trespassers. If for instance an individual illegally enters private property and suffers an injury while there, they will not have any legal standing to pursue a claim. The owner will not be held accountable for said injury.

The degree to which property owners are held liable for negligent injury largely depends on the relationship between the owner and the victim. You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you establish the legal relationship you held with the owner of the property.

Types Of Property-Related Injuries

In an effort to promote safety for clients and other invitees, property owners are expected to adhere to the stipulated building codes and regulations. They must post clear warning signs in hazardous areas. If an obvious hazard – such as a slippery floor – is ignored, they may be held entirely responsible for any subsequent injuries.

During a liability claims case, the victim is required to provide evidence that the owner had full knowledge of the hazard, or that another responsible party in the building knew of the danger and failed to take action.

The following scenarios can result liability:

  • Disregarding debris, clutter or a slippery substance on the floor
  • Failure to repair uneven or damaged walkways
  • Failure to provide enough lighting in the building and around the property
  • Failure to clear ice, snow or water
  • Failure to supervise children in a swimming pool