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Chiropractor Long-Term Disability Claims

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Firm News

Most people who go to a chiropractor have no idea how physically demanding chiropractic treatments can be on the doctor. The physically intensive nature of chiropractic work can lead to debilitating medical conditions in the doctor, including radiating pain and numbness in the upper and lower extremities. Chiropractors have to lift, manipulate and reposition the bodies of patients on a daily basis. Over a long period of time, this strenuous physical work may lead to a career-ending, or limiting, disability.

Chiropractors who have purchased disability insurance coverage and are unable to continue their chiropractic practice – or are unable to fully carry out all their duties – may be entitled to disability benefits. However, insurance companies often deny such disability claims or drastically limit the disability benefits.

Beedem Law offers professional legal services for chiropractors who have been denied disability insurance. We provide free consultations. Our experienced Minnesota attorneys will carefully examine the details and merits of your case and offer you valuable guidance to help you receive your disability benefits.

Representation in Chiropractor Disability Claim Denial Cases

Many chiropractors who have disability insurance are often unaware of the details found in disability insurance policies, such as the difference between Any Occupation and Own Occupation long-term disability claims. If you are unable to continue working as a chiropractor due to a disability, citing the “Own Occupation” clause in the insurance policy, the insurance company can limit the disability benefits to a limited time (up to a maximum of 24 months).

The insurance company’s reasoning is that although you may not be able to work as a chiropractor, you are still be able to work in another occupation. Of course, a different occupation requires extensive training and it is next to impossible for an experienced chiropractor to reach their pre-disability income levels in a new field of work. Careful reading of the policy and applicable case law may be necessary to have benefits approved beyond the “Own Occupation” provision of the policy.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of dealing with “Own Occupation” and “Any Occupation” disability claim disputes, Beedem Law will seek to ensure that as a chiropractor, you will receive adequate disability benefits.