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California Man Files Lawsuit Against Insurance Company For Denied Disability

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Firm News

A San Diego man filed a lawsuit against his insurance company for denying payments on his long-term disability payments, the Northern California Record recently reported.

Saidal Homman is taking action against his life insurance company for denying his long-term disability payments. Homman filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California on September 6th. His lawsuit was made against the Life Insurance Co. of North America. Homman alleges that the claims administrator violated his ERISA rights by refusing to pay his long-term disability insurance payments. His case is one of many relating to wrongfully denied insurance payments.

Homman is covered under a group disability policy issued by Life Insurance Co. of North America (LICNA). LICNA issued the policy through Homman’s former employer, Veritiss LLC. Because Homman became disabled under the terms of the plan, he filed a claim for disability payments. Homman filed the claim in the amount of time required for the claims process. LICNA, however, denied his claim for disability benefits.

Homman claims LICNA unjustly denied his petition. In addition, LICNA did not consider the opinion of his physician. The company also failed to advise Homman on the correct process for filing his claim. Furthermore, it failed to identify the medical consultants who reviewed Homman’s file in a timely manner.

Homman requested a trial by jury. In addition, he is seeking a payment of benefits, interest, attorney fees, and court fees from the plaintiff. Attorneys Frank N. Darras, Lissa A. Martinez, Susan B. Grabarsky and Phillip S. Bather are representing Homman. The court has not yet set a date for trial. Furthermore, LICNA may try to settle the case out of court.

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