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When Do You Need To Contact A Personal Injury Attorney?

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Firm News

The simple answer? When you have been a victim of an accident or negligence..

There is a lack of understanding about when an accident attorney or personal injury attorney may be needed. Due to Workers’ Compensation and the various laws that force people to purchase insurance, it is often thought that the only time a lawyer is needed is if someone has been accused of negligence. It isn’t until someone has to file a claim in an accident or an instance of malpractice that they realize they need help.

It is important to remember that your insurance company is primarily a for-profit entity. Their job is to reduce the amount of money in settlements and in overhead. Processing claims and taking people to court on your behalf costs them money (if not in legal fees to their attorneys, then to the administrative team that handles your case). They want to settle quickly because they are already obligated to pay your medical costs, replacement vehicle, etc.

It is the reality of modern life that someone can pay their premiums to an insurance company for a decade and still face an uphill battle getting money back from them. It is not unlikely that your insurance company cares first and foremost about profits, not people. This is why it is important when you have been in an accident or have been the victim of negligence to contact an attorney for a consultation. This way, you can be confident in knowing what your rights are moving forward.

Any qualified personal injury attorney will be able to tell you quickly what you are entitled to within your state by law. Most of them have a good working relationship with insurance companies and can act on your behalf should there be an issue with your claim.

Personal injury attorneys help those that have been victimized by others, plain and simple. It is unfortunate that large companies do not always take ownership or responsibility for wrongdoing, but that is the reality a lot of the time. Take for instance all of the companies that covered up the evidence that proved the link between asbestos and cancer. They knew it was killing their employees and their customers and they tried to keep it from public knowledge. Now, not every company works like this. Most will come to the table willingly when they have been accused of wrongdoing, but they often do not willingly pay what you feel you deserve. They try to pay you what they think they can afford. Your interests and their interests are juxtaposed. Your attorney is there to ensure that your best interest is served, not the insurance companies, and certainly not the entity or individual that did harm to you.

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