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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer For Minnesota Transportation Workers

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Firm News

Those working in the transportation industry are often unsung heroes. When we shop at our favorite big box store, we do not think about how that big screen TV made its way from the factory to the sales floor. People hop on a bus without a second look at the driver, and flight attendants are often treated disrespectfully by passengers. The fact is, the transportation industry is a driver of our economy. However, these and other transportation workers are at risk every day doing the jobs they do. If you are hurt on your transportation job, then call a transportation injury lawyer as soon as possible. Oftentimes when a worker gets injured, it is through no fault of their own. Workplaces must be kept safe for employees and clients alike, but sometimes things can get overlooked, and disaster strikes. Our professionals can help you if you are in a fight with your insurance agency or your employers. We can also file suit if it gets to that point. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Serious Accidents Transportation Workers Risk Experiencing

Impact Injuries

While passengers may be strapped in, a flight attendant may be attending to their duties when the plane hits turbulence. Luggage and other flying debris could cause an injury, as could a fall. Drivers are also susceptible to impact injuries from vehicle accidents.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Drivers spend long hours on the road in the same sitting position, which can wreak havoc on joints and muscles. All the wear and tear can cause aches and pains, and even injuries. Make sure to sit with proper posture and to take frequent breaks to move the joints and stretch the muscles.

Spinal, Head, and Neck Injuries

Bus drivers, truckers, and anyone else who is on the road for a living is at risk of a serious injury to their spinal cord or head. Vehicle accidents can happen quickly and without warning, and an injury to these locations can seriously affect someone’s quality of life. Do not try to navigate the insurance and court world on your own. If you have been injured on your transportation job, contact our legal specialists today.If you are a transportation industry worker and you were injured on the job, contact a Minneapolis workers’ compensation lawyer at Beedem Law. You can contact us online or call us at 612-305-1300.