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What Is Health Insurance Subrogration & How Can It Affect You?

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Firm News

The thing about accidents is that they happen suddenly and without warning. There are very few people who leave their homes every day expecting to get in an accident or to be injured. The fact is though, that the accidents you hear about on traffic reports are happening to real people, and they very well could happen to you. You may even get injured and have to visit a hospital. At some point, you will have to work with your insurance company to make sure that all the paperwork is provided and that no hospital bills go unpaid. There are times when getting a payout is not so simple. The paperwork may have been filled out, and the payments received. However, sometime down the line, the insurance company may contact you to get more information about your accident. If this were to happen, they will ask questions regarding how the accident happened, and who is responsible. If they feel that someone else is responsible for the damage and injuries, they may decide to try to get compensation from that third party or their insurance company. This is called subrogation. Subrogation means that one entity, in this case an insurance company or another party, replaces another entity, the original insurance company. With personal injury compensation, this means that if someone else is determined to be at fault, they or their insurer will have to pay for the expenses after they’ve already been paid. This means that the insurer that paid those bills will get compensated, not the victim, who would have already received a payout. This can sometimes cause confusion, but it is an important point to remember. If you are not convinced that you were treated fairly during a subrogation process, your best bet is to contact a qualified attorney to examine your case. A personal injury lawyer will be intimately familiar with insurance subrogation, and can advise as to how you should have been treated, had you been handled unfairly. The main issue to remember is that with subrogation, you, as the accident victim, will not be receiving further compensation resulting from your claim. Subrogation only takes place if you have been paid out already, and another party has since been found at fault. If you have any further questions, issues, or other concerns, contact an attorney for help.

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